Saturday, August 15, 2015

Better Late than Never

Hi friends :)

It has been a while since I posted but I guess it is better late than never.

We have been back in school for almost 3 weeks... talk about a hectic time of the year.

Here is my room before anything was started - its a panorama of the whole room.. The room is actually much bigger than this.

Below is a view from the back of my room. I am loving my new rug and the fun puff balls hanging from the ceiling. :)

View of my teacher table which looks a mess but I promise I always leave with an empty table. I don't like to walk into clutter. 

View from my teacher table looking toward the door. 

View from the side corner by my window. 

View from my safe place and Library. A safe place is used for students to calm down when in melt down mode. 

View from the front of the room. The boards on the back wall are for reading, writing and math. 

View of my door. I am loving all of my circles and chevron with bright colors.

Love having hand signals in my classroom. It makes things so much easier and a lot less interruptions during lessons when all they have to do is hold up certain fingers. :) 
Also our school rules as well as our schools words of wisdom (When the students are able to say all the words of wisdom they get a free T-shirt. They love it :) )

This is where my timeline will be for the year. As you can see, it has not started yet... 

This is a view of my class library as well as my safe place (you can read about that and conscious discipline here)  The tree is going to house pictures of all my students and their families. The students love being able to see themselves and each other. 

Class jobs. Again loving the chevron and bright colors. I use numbers for all of my students in the classroom and the clothes pins make it easy to change jobs. 

Here is my teacher tool box. I just made this for this year. I was one of the teachers who had a teacher desk and never sat at it. It was just a junk collector. I decided to take a leap of faith and ditch the teacher desk and use this instead. I am loving it. No more paper clutters taking over a giant clunky desk. Since you have read about and took the tour of my classroom you can get a FREEBIE. 

Click here to get my teacher toolbox labels for FREE!!! 

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