Friday, June 19, 2015

Loving Summer

Hi everyone! I have decided to join up with a linky party to get more followers. I have joined Aimee over at Primarily Speaking (click to go to her blog!) with her Teachers Love summer Linky! 

So here it goes my first linky...

My summer is short. I teach at a year round school where we get out of school the first week of June and then we go back to school the middle of august. It gives me 5 weeks of summer. As much as the short summer is annoying I like the schedule because I get two weeks off in October, an extra week around Christmas and then I get a second week at spring break :). 

Reasons I love summer! 

Reason #1 Sleep 

During the year my alarm clock goes off at 4:45AM. It is so hard getting out of bed and as the year goes on it gets harder and harder. I love being able to not set alarm and just sleep until my body is ready to get up. Most of the time its by 8:00am but I still feel much more relaxed and refreshed.

Reason #2 Work out 

I love working out and during the school year my work out time has to be in the evening which takes into dinner time with my hubby. During summer I can go workout in the morning be productive during the day and then have dinner with my hubby sometimes I even have it ready for him before he gets home :)
For my Workout I go the YMCA and take their exercise classes such as insanity, cardio strength and athletic conditioning. Sometimes they kick my butt and then I am sore forever...

Reason #3 Time at the pool 

One big thing about summer is the pool. Having a short summer I spend as much time at the pool as I can :)

Comment below tell me why you love summer and I am sure Aimee would love for you to link up on her linky :)


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