Friday, June 19, 2015

Loving Summer

Hi everyone! I have decided to join up with a linky party to get more followers. I have joined Aimee over at Primarily Speaking (click to go to her blog!) with her Teachers Love summer Linky! 

So here it goes my first linky...

My summer is short. I teach at a year round school where we get out of school the first week of June and then we go back to school the middle of august. It gives me 5 weeks of summer. As much as the short summer is annoying I like the schedule because I get two weeks off in October, an extra week around Christmas and then I get a second week at spring break :). 

Reasons I love summer! 

Reason #1 Sleep 

During the year my alarm clock goes off at 4:45AM. It is so hard getting out of bed and as the year goes on it gets harder and harder. I love being able to not set alarm and just sleep until my body is ready to get up. Most of the time its by 8:00am but I still feel much more relaxed and refreshed.

Reason #2 Work out 

I love working out and during the school year my work out time has to be in the evening which takes into dinner time with my hubby. During summer I can go workout in the morning be productive during the day and then have dinner with my hubby sometimes I even have it ready for him before he gets home :)
For my Workout I go the YMCA and take their exercise classes such as insanity, cardio strength and athletic conditioning. Sometimes they kick my butt and then I am sore forever...

Reason #3 Time at the pool 

One big thing about summer is the pool. Having a short summer I spend as much time at the pool as I can :)

Comment below tell me why you love summer and I am sure Aimee would love for you to link up on her linky :)


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Summer Clean up

Hi there blogger friends!

We have been on summer now for 3 weeks! LOVING it!!!

Anyways one thing I am working on over the summer is cleaning out and reorganizing all my school files. Here is what I have been working on.

Before: What a mess...

After: So much better :) 

As you can see I have been busy. Reorganizing will allow me to make things easier and quicker :) 
I have been working closely with Jens Kinder Kids on creating some great stuff for the new school year. Stay tuned for some great things coming soon :) 

Thanks for reading :) 


Friday, June 12, 2015

Summer Breezing

Hi everyone,

So we have been out of school for a week now. Two workdays were thrown in there but they were productive with a room change.

Since summer started I have enjoyed some relaxing days catching up on reruns of Gilmore girls. Also hanging out at the pool with some friends and enjoying some gym time.

Also working on getting my donors choose funded so my kiddos can have a  new rug when we go back in July.

I have also been working on getting things together for next year. Preparing some different things that will be used throughout the year. I have been working on making labels for my library. Making labels for my teacher tool box, and making some teacher checklists that will be used throughout the year.

I have also been making some resources that go along with Conscious Discipline. See older posts for more information on Conscious Discipline.

Comment below with your email address and a link to your blog if you have one I would love to link up. If you comment with your email address I will send you a shout out form. Which is a piece of paper that I plan on having my kids fill out to notice the good things that other students are doing.

Kim :)